Polished Logo

Customize Branding

By default, polished Authentication sign in and registration page looks like this:

You can customize the sign in page with the sign_in_page_ui argument in the secure_ui() function that we set up on the Get Started page. For example, here is a custom sign in page we created for Tychobra:

# ui.R

# define your Shiny app UI
ui <- fluidPage(
      h1("Your Shiny App UI")

# customize your sign in page UI with logos, text, and colors.
my_custom_sign_in_page <- sign_in_ui_default(
  color = "#006CB5",
  company_name = "Tychobra",
  logo_top = tags$img(
    src = "images/tychobra_logo_white.png",
    alt = "Tychobra Logo",
    style = "width: 125px; margin-top: 30px; margin-bottom: 30px;"
  logo_bottom = tags$img(
    src = "images/tychobra_logo_blue_co_name.png",
    alt = "Tychobra Logo",
    style = "width: 200px; margin-bottom: 15px; padding-top: 15px;"
  icon_href = "images/tychobra_icon_blue.png",
  background_image = "images/milky_way.jpeg"

# secure your UI behind your custom sign in page
  sign_in_page_ui = my_custom_sign_in_page

The above sign in page customized for Tychobra looks like this:

Simply replace the color, company_name, logo_top, logo_bottom, icon_href, & background_image arguments to match your brand. You can find the complete Shiny app code for the above example here. Check the documents for other possible arguments with ?sign_in_ui_default.

If you don't like the default sign in page generated by sign_in_ui_default() function, you can supply a fully customized sign in page to the sign_in_page_ui argument above. Example coming soon.

Next Steps

Now that your own custom branding is included, you can optionally go to the next page to add social sign in options.