Add Authentication to your Shiny applications

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Polished is an R package that adds authentication, user management, and other goodies to your Shiny apps. Polished.techis the quickest and easiest way to use polished. provides a hosted API and dashboard to minimize the time you spend on setup and maintenance. With you can stop worrying about boilerplate infrastructure and get back to building your core Shiny application logic.



Cloud security means that passwords never touch your server

White Label

Customize the sign in and registration pages to match your brand

User Management

Add and remove individual users and adjust user permissions for each app

Deploy Anywhere

Set up on-premise, use a cloud provider, or use a platform like

Single Sign On

Sign in with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or email/password across all your Shiny apps

User Monitoring

Find out exactly when, and how often, users are accessing your Shiny app

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