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PDF Generation

Shiny apps often generate PDF documents using R Markdown. To generate R Markdown PDF documents on Polished Hosting, set the tlmgr argument of deploy_app().

Set the tlmgr argument to a character vector of all LaTeX packages used in the generation of your PDF report(s). All LaTeX packages passed to the tlmgr argument will be installed during the deployment process, so your users will not have to wait on any LaTeX package installations while generating reports.

To make sure you pre install all your LaTeX package dependencies, do the following:
  1. Deploy your app to Polished Hosting
  2. Generate a PDF report
  3. Check your logs on dashboard.polished.tech for any LaTeX package installations
  4. Pass all installed packages to the tlmgr argument
  5. Redeploy to Polished Hosting
  6. Enjoy speedy PDF report generations

Next Steps

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