Secure your app and customize the sign in page in minutes



Deploy with one function call and use your domain name



Easily add flexible authentication to your Shiny applications

Authentication Features


Secure your app in minutes

White Label

Customize the sign in and registration pages to match your brand

User Management

Add and remove individual users and adjust user permissions for each app

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy apps on-premise, to a cloud provider, or using our Polished Hosting service

Single Sign On

Sign in with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or email/password across all your Shiny apps

User Monitoring

Find out exactly when, and how often, users are accessing your Shiny app


Deploy your Shiny apps to your own SSL secured custom domain with one function call

Hosting Features

Easy Deployment

Deploy with 1 function call - no DevOps required

Always TLS

Always secured using TLS (i.e. the "s" in "https")

Custom Domain

Easily set up your custom domain

28 Regions

Reduce latency by hosting close to your users

Adjustable RAM

Reserve 2, 4, 8, or 16 GiB of RAM

Unlimited Usage Hours

You can run your app all month

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